Why Choose Artificial Turf for Backyard?

The best spot to install a putting green and practice your short game is in your backyard. Use artificial turf for the backyard instead of traditional grass because it takes longer for natural grass to develop and create the ideal green.

What Is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is a substance that resembles genuine grass but is comprised of synthetic, artificial fibers. Green blades of artificial grass are available in various pile heights.

It has a sturdy backing and is built similarly to how carpet is made; after that, the blades are machine stitched on. The majority of brand-new artificial grass being created nowadays also incorporates a brown thatch to replicate the appearance of dead grass you would see on a real grass lawn.

Artificial grass has advanced significantly in terms of how realistic it looks, thanks to modern technology.

The Houston Astrodome, the first indoor dome sports stadium in the world, housed artificial grass for the first time in 1966. When the stadium opened for business in 1965, they needed help planting actual grass. The field conditions were so terrible by the second half of the season that artificial grass was put down.

Sports applications frequently use artificial grass.

Artificial grass is more frequently planted on a high school football field than natural grass in several regions of the nation. Other sporting facilities, including baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and batting cages, are also starting to use it. However, it is currently also utilized for landscaping in homes and businesses.

If you want your backyard to last, use turf. Using Kinsley’s artificial turf in the backyard is the ideal choice if you want your putting green to survive longer in Maple Ridge. More durable than natural grass, artificial turf has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Heavy foot traffic may be tolerated on artificial turf, so you can continue honing your skills in your backyard even after a while.

Little Maintenance

Sell the lawnmower and the weed whacker; backyard turf doesn’t need as much upkeep as real grass does. Neither fertilizer nor mowing is done. Our artificial turf has been lush green from the beginning and will remain so for many years. All you need to do to get started is clear the putting green of leaves and other debris. There is no need to trim the grass or check if the density of the putting green is appropriate because there is no growth.

Maintenance of natural grass is required at least every two weeks. Without additional work, your grass-putting green will be flawless.

Accurate Putting Green

It is insufficient to simply have a putting green in your backyard. Some fake grass is created cheaply and might detract from a golfer’s performance. Our backyard turf is produced with a cutting-edge polymer and has the appearance and texture of real grass. The ball will glide around the turf with the genuine twists and rebounds of natural grass, and the putter stroke will imitate the reaction on the golf course.

Your short game will significantly improve when you play on the golf course after practicing on our artificial grass.


Regulars at the club will be familiar with the condition of the greens. You will be aware of the greens’ preferred slope and their thickness and length. Create a putting green that resembles your preferred course, or modify the greens to fit your garden. Every sports athlete understands the importance of practicing.  You’ll benefit from our artificial turf for your backyard.

You will be happy with the money you are saving as you notice continual development in your game when you walk onto the putting green in your backyard, knowing that you will be practicing on beautiful low-care turf.

What Characterizes Artificial Grass of High Quality?

When comparing artificial grass and greenery products, some critical characteristics are crucial for consumers. Buying “good quality” grass is in your best interest because it will influence how long it lasts and looks good. The backing material of a product determines its level of quality. Thus look for polyurethane backing rather than latex.  This is crucial because it will shield the synthetic grass from the sun and keep it looking lush. Without UV protection, products might fade, rendering the grass blue or white.

In a nutshell,

  • Artificial turf is a fantastic landscaping option.
  • It has numerous advantages for both the consumer and the environment.
  • It helps people save time, money, and water.
  • It can be applied to almost any landscaping project.
  • Artificial turf is now considerably more inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing than its earlier equivalents.

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